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In-Depth: Field Notes on ExakTime Connect

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Field Notes allow your employees to send notes, pictures and voice recordings from ExakTime Mobile to ExakTime Connect or create your own field notes within ExakTime Connect for future reference. At this time, field notes cannot be sent from ExakTime Connect to ExakTime Mobile.

Reviewing Field Notes

Field Notes are stored and can be reviewed within two sections, in the Field Notes section under Tools and within the subject of the field note. Any field notes created will be stored in ExakTime Connect indefinitely until deleted by a user.

All Field Notes

When a field note is first received it will appear in the Field Notes section. From here, you can "remove" a field note or leave it in the "Field Notes" page.

  • Click on Tools and go to Field Notes.


  • On this page, you can edit any present field notes or remove them.


    Please Note: Removing a field note will not delete them from ExakTime Connect, they will only be removed from the Field Notes page. A field note can only be deleted from ExakTime Connect from the employee/locations/cost codes profile that the next section covers.

  • When editing a field note within the Field Notes section, the text note and the subject can be adjusted. The fied note type cannot be adjusted.


Field Notes for an Entity

All field notes can be reviewed from the profile of that entity. For example, if you want to see all the fields for a particular location, you can view the profile of the location and see all associated field notes. 

  • To access the field notes for a particular entity, click on the blue pencil icon to the left of the entity in the respective list.


  • Click on the Field Notes tab.


  • Within the "Field Notes" tab, you can edit and delete field notes.


    Please Note: When deleting a field note from this area, it will be deleted from ExakTime Connect and cannot be undeleted.

  • When editing a field note within the subject profile, you can only change the text note.


Printing/Exporting Field Notes

Field notes can be printed or exported into a PDF/XLS for archiving and/or review purposes.

  • Go to Reports.


  • Locate and select the Field Notes report under Lists.


  • Select the:
    • Date range - The date range of field notes you want to view.


    • Report Specific Options - Specify if you want to view a report for field notes made by an employee, or about an employee and/or if you want field notes relating to employees, locations, or cost codes.


    • Filters - Specify the subject or creator that you want to show in your report.


  • When ready, click "View Report" at the bottom.


  • The report should be created in a new tab based on your date range, report options, and filters.


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