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In-Depth: Field Notes on ExakTime Mobile

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Field notes can be created by employees using ExakTime Mobile to send notes, pictures and voice recordings to ExakTime Connect for further review or tracking. 



  • A. Save - Save your field note so it will be sent on the next sync.
  • B. Subject - What your field note is about (Employee, Location, or Cost Code)
  • C. Note - Notes that your employees can enter relating to the field note.
  • D. Photos - Take or attach a photo with your field note.
  • E. Voice Note/Recording -  Record audio with your device's mic for your field note.

 Creating A Field Note

When creating a field note, you are required to select the subject for who/where/what it is about, and a note.

  • Press the ☰ menu button in the top left of ExakTime Mobile.
  • While in the menu, press Field Notes
  • Press the + icon for the subject to specify who/where/what the field note is about.
  • Tap into the notes field and begin entering your notes. After entering the note, you can attach pictures and/or a voice recording.
  • When finished, press Save. The field note will only be sent on the next sync, whether automatic or manually.

History & Editing A Field Note

The History section of Field Note will show recently created field notes and if it was sent or not. If the Field Note has been sent to ExakTime Connect, it will be cleared from the History if it is older than 2-3 weeks. If the Field Note has NOT been sent, then it will be stored indefinitely until it is sent.


If the field note is unsent, you can edit the field note. Once it has been sent, it cannot be edited.


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