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In-Depth: Schedules

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Scheduling is a feature for ExakTime Connect that allows you to schedule shifts for employees and let them review their expected schedule. If you are interested in Schedules and do not currently have the feature, please feel free to contact your sales rep/account manager at 1-888-788-8463.

This feature does not currently limit what your employees can clock in to and is used as a reference as to what they should do. As their day changes dynamically, they can adjust accordingly without skipping a beat.

The following article will cover the setup of schedules, creating a shift for employees/locations, and other related items such as notifications.

Once you have purchased a license for scheduling, you will and your employees will be able to give and/or receive schedules. This can be confirmed by:

  • Go to Manage and click on Licensing.


  • In your licensing page will be a section to indicate if your ExakTime Connect account has Scheduling available.

Allowing Access to Manage Schedules/My Schedules in ExakTime Connect

To only allow certain users to access Manage Schedules and/or My Schedules on ExakTime Connect, you can tailor the ability within Security Roles. Administrators will have permanent access to this by default.

  • Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • Click on ExakTime Connect.


  • Click on the role that should have access or create a new role. Administrators will have the option by default.


  • In the permissions to the right, enable the settings for Schedules as needed.


  • Click Save at the bottom.

Allowing Access to View Schedules in ExakTime Mobile

You can allow certain ExakTime Mobile users the ability to view their schedules.

  • Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • Click on the ExakTime Mobile role that should have access or add a new security role.


  • In the permissions to the right, enable the ability to view My Schedule.


  • Click Save at the bottom.

In an upcoming update to the Schedules feature for ExakTime Connect, your employees can now clock in to their scheduled location and cost code directly to mitigate any possibility of incorrect locations or cost codes during the normal clock in process.

  • Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • Select the ExakTime Mobile Security Role that should have this permission enabled. The Administrator will have this permission enabled by default.


  • Enable the permission "Clock In To My Schedule."


  • Save your changes. Your employees will need to sync their copies of ExakTime Mobile, log out and back in to see these new changes.

To schedule an employee for a location, you must enter a Timezone and a GPS coordinate for the location.

  • If you have not yet set up the timezone for a location, you would go to Manage and click on Locations.


  • Click the pencil icon to the left of a location if it already exists, if not click Add Location.


  • Under Additional Settings for the location, select the time zone for the location, start time, and stop time.
    • The time zone is used as an indicator for the scheduler so when adding shifts, they can take into consideration the time zone.
    • The start and stop time inform the scheduler of possible time frames for shifts. This does not prevent a scheduler from adding a shift before the start time or after the stop time.


  • Save when finished.

When scheduling an employee for a location and cost code, the cost code is color-coded for quick reference. By default, any new cost code added is color-coded black.

  • Go to Manage and click on Cost Codes.


  • Click the pencil icon to the left of a cost code for existing cost codes or click Add Cost Code for a new cost code.


  • Under Cost Code Color, click the black square to adjust the color.


  • Save when finished.

If you do not see Schedules in the menu bar, you may have to refresh the page or log out and log back in.

Click on Schedules and click Manage Schedules.



  • A. Employee or Location List (depending on if you have selected "Schedule Locations" or "Schedule Employees.")
    • Schedule Locations: Used to schedule employees for a location.
    • Schedule Employees: Used to schedule locations for an employee.
  • B. Add Shift: Add a new shift with a date, start time/end time, employee(s), location and cost code.
  • C. Employee/Location Filter (depending on if you have selected "Schedule Locations" or "Schedule Employees."): Filter what you are viewing on the scheduling grid. Only one employee/location can be viewed at a time.
  • D. Scheduling Grid: Review what has been scheduled for employees and add a new shift by dragging and dropping. Under the location name will be the time zone, start, and end time for a location. Any section that contains gray hatch marks show times outside of the start/end time of a location.
  • E. Date Range

Shift Details

Clicking on a shift will show relevant detail and options to delete/edit a shift.


  • Click Add Shift to bring up the Add Shift menu.



  • Specify when the shift begins and ends.


  • If this is an All Day Event, enable it as needed.


  • If this is a recurring shift, enable it and specify the frequency with daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and an end date.


  • Specify the employee(s) that will be receiving this shift. You can use the employee selector or drag and drop the employee from the employee list if "Schedule Locations" is selected.


  • Specify the location that will be associated to this shift. You can use the location selector or drag and drop the location from the location list if "Schedule Employees" is selected.


  • Specify the cost code that is expected to be used during the shift.


  • Press Save.

Any shift can be edited or deleted by clicking on it from the schedules grid to show the shift details. Clicking Edit Shift allows you to adjust information relating to the shift.


If you are editing a recurring shift, you can edit either the single occurrence or all occurrences.


If you are deleting a recurring shift, you can delete either the select shift, the entire series, or the current and all future occurrences.


You can also click and drag the handles on the sides of a shift to increase/decrease the time frame.


With Drag N Drop, you can:

  • Drag and add a shift to an employee or location. (Defaults to an hourly increment)
  • Drag employees/locations into the employee/location field for quick selection when adding/editing a shift.
  • Drag and add employees into an existing shift.


With Schedule Notifications, you can send an email or text to employees and/or managers for items such as upcoming shifts, when you're late for a shift, etc. up to 60 minutes before or after a shift. By default, this is set to 15 minutes. These notification settings will also dictate who appears in the Today's Schedule page.

Please Note: A user is considered a manager if the user has scheduled employees in their viewset AND they are not set to view All Employees. If a user is set to view all employees, they will not receive any notifications. For additional information regarding employee viewsets, you can refer to the following article: Employee Viewsets

  • Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


  • Click Notifications.


  • Specify the type of notification(s) to send: Email or SMS.

    To receive an SMS message, the employee must have a valid US-based mobile phone number.
    At this time, SMS notifications are supported in the USA.


  • The options available to send notifications are:
    • To employees X minutes before the start of a scheduled shift.
    • To employees X minutes after their schedule has started.
    • To managers X minutes after an employee's scheduled shift has started.
    • To managers X minutes after a scheduled shift has ended.
    • To managers when an employee clocks in at the wrong scheduled location.
    • To managers when an employee has clocked in X minutes before a scheduled shift has started.
    • To managers X minutes after the last scheduled shift for the day has ended.
  • Save when finished.

With schedules, some reports have been created to allow for easy reference of data. The following reports have been added:

  • Scheduled Shifts By Employee (Can be set to show the difference between actual work time by scheduled work time)
  • Scheduled Shifts by Location (Can be set to show the difference actual work time by scheduled work time)
  • Early Employee(s) 
  • Late Employee(s)
  • No Show Employee(s)
  • Scheduled Shifts with Clock In/Out Variance

Under Schedules, you can click on Today's Schedule.


You will see employees clocked in and late for their shift. For an employee to be listed as early or late for their shift, you must first set up the notification settings under Company Settings in the step above for "Sending Notifications."


Scrolling down will show you more options.

No Show For Shift and Early For Shift.


Field Notes



Viewing Their Schedule on ExakTime Connect

My schedule allows your employees to review their schedule. They can filter the schedules based on locations and date range. This can be accessed by going to Schedules and clicking My Schedule.



Viewing/Clocking In to Their Schedule on ExakTime Mobile

If an employee has been given permission to view schedules, they can see their own and the schedules of others in their Viewset.

Schedules will appear as an option in your ExakTime Mobile options. Pressing it will show any available schedules coming up.

  • If the employees have been given permission to clock in to their schedule, they will see a "Clock In" button that they can press and clock in directly to the location and cost code combination.



Viewing Other Employee's Schedules

If an employee has other employee's in their viewset, they can view their schedules as well.

  • Press the employee filter icon in the top right.


  • Select the appropriate employees to view, then press Done.



Viewing Schedules Offline

Schedules will display the last synced schedule. There will be a message below the schedule to show when it was last updated.


View Location Address and Navigating from Schedules

With the upcoming ExakTime Mobile Version 2.72 update, employees are able to click "Details" for their schedule, allowing them to view the address and navigate to a location from their schedule.

A location must have an address entered in ExakTime Connect for the optimal user experience. For more information about adding an address to a location, please refer to the following article: In-Depth: Location Details

ExakTime Mobile will use whatever the default Map/Navigation app that has been set on the mobile device.


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