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In-Depth: Shifts

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Shifts allow you to set up periods of time for employees to better divide their workday. It will also consolidate work spanning through midnight to go to the initial day worked.

Enabling Shifts

Turning on shifts is done from the Company settings.

Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


Click on the Optional Features tab and enable Shifts.
Adjust the Off Clock Tolerance if needed.

  • This is intended to allow employees to clock out for unpaid time such as a break/lunch. This ensures that all their time will be attributed to a single shift.



Click Save.

Permissions for Shifts

To only allow certain users to access shifts on ExakTime Connect, you can tailor the ability within Security Roles. Administrators will have permanent access to this by default.

Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


Click on ExakTime Connect.


Click on the role that should have access or create a new role. Administrators by default will have the permission.


In the permissions to the right, enable the settings for policies and shift pay codes as needed.


Click Save at the bottom. 

Shift Pay Codes

Shift pay codes allow you to associate a specific type of pay code with a shift and also note if the pay code could be paid or not. 

Go to Manage and click on Shift Pay Codes.


You can review any current pay codes from the following page.


New shift pay codes can be added from the button near the top of the page.



Creating A Shift

Shift are set up by dictating the time frame of the start and end of a shift, what pay code should be associated, and allow employees assigned to other shifts to be able to clock in to another shift. Overtime and time roundings can also be set up for anyone that qualifies for the shift.

Go to Manage and click on Policies.


Click on the Shifts tab.


Click Add Shift.


Give the shift a name.


Specify when the shift starts & ends. A grace period can also be set up to allow punches before or after the start/end time to be considered part of the shift.


If needed, specify the pay code for the shift and other defaulted shifts that can use the new shift.


Policies can also be set up for a shift so employees can received certain overtime rules or time roundings.


Enable and adjust the available overtime and rounding settings.


Press Save at the bottom when finished. 

Assigning A Shift to an Employee

Go to Manage and click on Employees.


Click on the pencil icon the left of an employees name.


In their employment information, specify their default shift.


Click Save at the bottom when finished. 

How it Appears on the Time Card

As employees clock in/out and when time is manually added to the time card, the appropriate shift and pay code will be associated to the time record(s) in their respective columns. The shift and pay code can be manually adjusted if needed. 

  • When adjusting the time records, please be aware of the dates during your adjustments as records for the following day can appear on the initial day.
  • If you have any auto-lunches enabled for your employees, the auto-lunch will view each shift as separate work sessions. So for example if the employee works a day shift and a night shift, they can receive an auto-lunch for the day shift and one for the night shift.


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