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In-Depth: Time Card Summary

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The Time Card Summary allows quick reference for employees overall time cards, any exceptions, quarantined time, approvals, etc. You can also perform quick actions such as jump directly to an employees time card details, approve/sign off time cards, and close a pay period.

Please note that some options listed below will be available in a future update. While you may not have it now, it will be available shortly.



  • A. Employee Search 
  • B. Time Information (Time Summary, Quarantined Time, and Approvals History)
  • C. Date Range Selection (Pay Period or Custom Date Range)
  • D. Closing/Opening Pay Period and Quick Approvals (If enabled)
  • E. Column Manager - Allows you add/remove columns.

Time Summary

The time summary will provide a brief overview over your employees time for the specified date range. Depending on the columns used, you can quickly see if any corrections need to be done or if there are any comments associated to a time record.


Quarantined Time

If an employee is to receive time from the field and their time card has been approved or the pay period has been closed, the time will go to Quarantined Time. When the pay period is reopened and/or their time card is unapproved, the time will move from Quarantined Time to the employees time card. 

For more information regarding Quarantined Time, please refer to the following article: Quarantined Time


Approvals History

Approvals history will show any approvals or unapprovals for the selected date range.

For more information regarding time card approvals, please refer to the following article: In-Depth: Time Card Approval


Closing Pay Period and Quick Approvals

If the options have been enabled, you can quickly close a pay period to prevent future time card changes or approve time. If you are viewing a date range that is not your pay period, you will be unable to close a pay period or approve time.


For more information regarding the closing and reopening of pay periods, please refer to the following article: Closing/Reopening a Pay Period

For more information regarding time card approvals, please refer to the following article: In-Depth: Time Card Approval

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