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Why Is My Report Not Displaying Anything?

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When generating reports, there are two possible causes for a report not being able to display information.

Sorry, there's nothing to display for the report you requested.


The message "Sorry, there's nothing to display for the report you requested" is a common message that can be caused when viewing a report that has no relevant information for the date range selected or by having filters enabled with nothing selected.

The easiest way to confirm what is going on is to first review the employees time card from the Time Card Details page. If there is no time on the employees time cards, then you will want to focus more on why you have not received your employee's records yet.

If you do see that there is time for an employee on their time card and the issue not displaying any information, then you will want to focus on your filters. The filters may be restrictive enough to not let your report display the relevant information.

In the example below, we have selected to filter out anything not selected, but we have not selected anything. You would either select something to filter to, set the report to include All information, or clear all of your filters.


Sorry, there was a problem running the report. Please adjust your report options to include a smaller dataset.

The message "Sorry, there was a problem running the report. Please adjust your report options to include a smaller dataset." can appear when you try to view a report that includes a large volume of data. In the event of this, we would recommend adjusting your filters/date ranges for a smaller volume of data (e.g. instead of running a report for 4 continuous years, try two reports going over 2 year chunks.)

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The warning above can present in Google Chrome and other Chromium-based web browsers.

It is generally caused by old cached cookies/data stored by Google Chrome for ExakTime Connect that can present issues like noted above. In the event of this, you can clear the browser's cache so reports can generate as normal. The following article can help with this: How to Clear Your Web Browser Cache

None of the Above

If you are not seeing any of the messages listed above and are having issues loading the reports in general, then it may be due to something outside of the website. Similar to how you would troubleshoot any website, it can help to try accessing the ExakTime Connect from another web browser or using the InCognito/InPrivate window option. Using another web browser or an InCognito/InPrivate window should not use any stored cookies/cached data and can provide a different result.

If you are not having any trouble in another web browser or in an InCognito/InPrivate window, then the issue may be cache related for your primary web browser of choice. You can refer to the following article for steps on how to clear the cache of the most popular web browsers: How to Clear Your Web Browser Cache

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