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What Is the Company Setup Code?

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When setting up ExakTime Mobile or SyncCenter for the first time it will require a company setup code to link the application to your company.

The company setup code can be used company-wide and only needs to be used once to link your applications to the company. 

This company setup code will be usable for a week and will change every Tuesday.

To begin, sign in to your ExakTime Connect account and then follow these steps:

Where Can I Find The Code?

On The Dashboard

If you're not already on the dashboard, you can get there by clicking Dashboard.


Your company setup code is located directly on the dashboard after signing in to your account.

It will be located under "Mobile Device Management" with the code and when the code will change. 


Within Mobile Devices

The company setup code can also be located under Mobile Devices which can be found under Manage.


The code will appear near the top of the page and the date of when the code will change.

If needed, you can text the company setup code to an employee by clicking on "Add a Mobile Device."


A small window will appear where you can enter a phone number to send them a text message of the company setup code.


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