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Using the Missed Clock Ins/Outs Report

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ExakTime Connect offers a report to help with identifying missed punches by employees at a quick glance. This would be the same as looking for exception markers on the Time Card Details page but allows you to view them in bulk rather than per individual Time Card.

Employee Missed Clock Ins/Outs displays days and locations where employees forgot to clock in or out, or used the same KeyTab twice in a row. This is useful for helping resolve payroll issues with inaccurate time.

To access this report in ExakTime Connect, go to Reports and expand the Employee section on the left, then choose Missed Clock Ins/Outs. 


To use this report, set the date range for the dates needed. Be sure to check the formatting options and apply any Report Specific Options. A list of options specific to this report are below:


  • Show Employee ID: Choose to include the Employee's IDs on the report
  • Show Location ID: Show the Location IDs on the report
  • Sort by: Sort the Employees & Locations by either ID or Name
  • Separate Names and IDs with: Separate name and ID columns with one of four available options
  • Show each Employee on a separate page: Choose to have each individual employee show on their own separate page

An example of the report is shown below. The report specifies the Day of the Week, Date, Start Time, Start Location, Stop Time, Stop Location(if enabled), and the Suspected Error or missing punch detail.


For more information regarding reports, please refer to the following article: Reports Walkthrough

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