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Reviewing Employees Original Clock In/Out Time

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Within ExakTime Connect, you may need to review an employees clock in/out time after it has been adjusted automatically based on your policies or manually with time card adjustments.

Hovering Over ⓘ Symbol on Time Card Details

If the time record was adjusted automatically by your policies or manual adjustments, you can hover over the ⓘ symbol next to a time record on the Time Card Details. Please keep in mind that the Punch Time shown will be the time without any roundings to the nearest minute, while the actual time record shown on the time cards will generally be to the nearest minute (e.g. time card shows a clock in at 7:01 AM, while the punch time would show 7:00 AM. The original time may be 7:00:55 AM which will round to 7:01 AM when it reaches the time card.)


Using Audit Trail Report

If a time record was adjusted manually, you can generate an audit trail report. The audit trail report will allow you to review changes made to an employees time card, with the original and the new adjustment.

For more information regarding our audit trail reports, you can refer to the following article: Using the Time Audit Reports

The audit trail report is found within Reports near the bottom of the list.



Using Collection Details

If the time record was adjusted automatically by your policies or manual adjustments, you can go to the Collection Details page which will show you all records before they have been adjusted.

Collection Details can be accessed by going to Tools and clicking on Collection Details.


Once there, you will want to specify the date range that you want to review, then look through the touch dates to confirm when the employee originally clocked in/out.


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