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Understanding ExakTime Connect Settings

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What are ExakTime Connect settings?

There are two sets of ExakTime Connect settings: Company and User Settings.

Company Settings affect your entire company account and is used to define your pay period, work week, etc. and enable options for your company such as expense tracking and time card approvals.

User Settings affect the user and determine preferential items such as hour formats, distance formats, and first/last name order.

Company Settings

Company Settings are used for settings that will affect all users and employees of ExakTime Connect.

  • Go to Manage in the Menu Bar and click Company Settings.


  • You will first see the General tab. The company name entered here will be shown on your login page and in the top right of ExakTime Connect. You can enter your company's contact information and address can also be entered but is not required.


  • In the Time & Attendance tab are a variety of settings that can affect your time tracking such as:
    • Your pay period schedule and how you view/approve time on your time cards.
    • The first day of your workweek can be established here to ensure the proper start to Weekly Overtime calculations.
    • Employee policies can be calculated on a bi-weekly basis (e.g. calculate 80 hours over 2 weeks vs. 40 hours per week).
    • Time records that exceed a specified amount can be separated so they appear as errors in the employee’s time cards with In/Out Separation.
    • A warning can be set up that will warn ExakTime Connect users if they manually enter in time over a certain threshold.


  • Optional Features allow you to disable/enable additional features such as Equipment or Expense tracking.


  • The Other tab contains everything else such as:
    • A company logo for your reports.
    • Wages and estimated burden for estimated payroll/labor costs reports.
    • Default security roles to make it easier when adding new employees.
    • Groups to group up Employees, Locations or Cost Codes for ExakTime Mobile.
    • Putting the ID for an entity before or after the name.


User Settings

User Settings affect the user and determine preferential items such as hour formats, distance formats, and first/last name order.

Press your name/company name in the top right in the Menu Bar and click on My Settings.



  • Employee’s names can be presented as first name first, or last name first.
  • Distance for GPS can be displayed as miles or kilometers.
  • Time can be shown in standard format, decimal format, or standard format with an “h” and “m” for hours and minutes. (e.g. 4:30 vs 4.5 vs 4h 30m)
  • Temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
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