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Setting up an Employee to Start Using ExakTime Mobile

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Before an employee can begin to track their time on ExakTime Mobile, they first need to be set up on ExakTime Connect and be provided the company set up code to set up ExakTime Mobile.

Setting up the Employee

  • From the Dashboard of ExakTime Connect, click on the link Add an Employee or go to Manage, click Employees, and click Add Employee.
    • If the employee already exists in the system, go to Manage, click on Employees, then click the pencil icon to the left of an employees name and go to Step 3.





  • Enter the employees first and last name. If you have another employee with the same name, you will need to differentiate between them by either including a middle name or including additional information in their name.
  • Scroll down towards the Security Role section and assign an ExakTime Mobile Security Role. By default, we offer Administrator, Supervisor, and Employee. The Administrator role offers the most permission while the Employee role offers the least permission. Then enter a PIN that the employee will use to identify themselves on any copy of ExakTime Mobile for your company.


  • Press Save.

Setting up ExakTime Mobile

  • Now that the employee has been added to ExakTime Connect, they will need to setup ExakTime Mobile. The employee will first need to install ExakTime Mobile from the App Store if using an iOS device, or from the Play Store if using an Android device.


  • When the employee first opens ExakTime Mobile, they will be asked how to set it up. They will press Enter My Company Setup Code.


  • The company setup code can be found on ExakTime on the Dashboard when you first sign in or by going to Manage and clicking on Mobile Devices. After entering the company set up code, they will also need to enter a name for the device. It is suggested to use the name of the owner of the device.


  • After it has been set up, they will reach a PIN pad where they can begin to use ExakTime Mobile


Clocking In/Out on ExakTime Mobile

The employee will enter the PIN that you had set up for them and press the arrow in the bottom right to log in.

At the GO/STOP screen, they will press GO, select their location, and their cost code to clock in. Depending on your set up, some of these steps may be skipped.


If an employee needs to change their location/cost code, they will press GO again and make the appropriate selection.

When the employee is no longer being paid such as personal time or done for the day, they will press STOP.

That's it! Your employee is now set up and can now track their time with ExakTime Mobile for you to review in ExakTime Connect!

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