Best Practices For Clocking In and Out on ExakTime Mobile

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With ExakTime Mobile, there can be a lot of flexibility in you can have your employees track their time, but we have some best practices to maximize the chance for success for you and your employees.

When clocking in, an employee will generally be prompted to specify their location and cost code. The location should generally be where they are standing with the cost code for what they are going to be doing. If the employee needs to change their location and/or cost code, they would simply clock in again, select the appropriate location and/or cost code, then continue with their day. As employees clock in throughout the day, each new clock in will stop their last clock in automatically in ExakTime Connect.

Side Note: While we advise an employee clocking in to the location that they are standing at, there may be circumstances where this would not be best depending on your company's needs. For example, If you are fabricating/constructing products for a client at your warehouse, you may not want the employee to select a location called "Main Office" as you would lose the detail of the time going towards the client. Another example would be if an employee is picking up materials/equipment from a supplier, you may not want to use the supplier's location to track time against. In short, while we advise selecting the location that an employee is standing at as it covers a majority of use cases, the use of locations is ultimately to put time towards a client/location.

For clocking out, the employee should only clock out if they are not going to be tracking their time any longer, be it for personal time, lunch, or when they are done for the day. 

Keeping these items in mind, the average workday for an employee and if you have an auto-lunch and travel policy enabled will be:

  • Clock in at 8 AM to Location A and Cost Code A to start their day.
  • Clock in at 11 AM to Location A and Travel.
  • Clock in at 12 PM to Location B and Cost Code A.
  • Clock in at 3 PM to Location B and Travel.
  • Clock out at 3:30 PM at the Office.

The end result for the employee's time card will appear like below on your Time Card Details page.


As we can see, the Travel policy has updated the locations used with the Travel cost code to match with the destination. This is based on the idea that driving to a location is part of the work for that location. We can also see that the auto-lunch policy has also kicked in and removed 30 minutes

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