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Connecting SyncLinx or AccountLinx to QuickBooks Online

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With the latest version of QuickBooks Online, they have made changes to how third-party applications communicate with a QuickBooks Online company file. To ensure compatibility, you will want to update AccountLinx/SyncLinx to version 4.7.5+.

If you do not have the latest version of AccountLinx/SyncLinx, you can refer to the following article to get updated to the latest public version: Installing/Updating AccountLinx & SyncLinx

Allowing Access to Your QuickBooks Online Company File

When first connecting AccountLinx/SyncLinx with your QuickBooks Online company file you will be prompted to enter your QuickBooks Online username and password. When successful, you will be asked to select a company file that is associated with the user. Select the appropriate company file that we will be connecting to and press Next.

Note: It is highly advised to login with a user that is an "Admin" or "Master Admin" as they will have the necessary permission to allow AccountLinx/SyncLinx to communicate with your company file. 


Possible Errors and Troubleshooting

When giving us permission to connect to your company file, you may encounter any of the following connection messages/errors.

Uh Oh, There's a Connection Problem/Oops Can't Connect


If you encounter this message, it generally means:

  • The QuickBooks Online user does not have permission to let us connect to the company file.
    • Try to login with an "Admin" or "Master Admin" user as they should have sufficient permission to let AccountLinx/SyncLinx connect to your company file.
  • The company file is not active or is expired.
    • Double-check that the company file that you are trying to connect AccountLinx/SyncLinx with is active.

Set Up Payroll


  • This generally means that the company file is missing a necessary module or a module has not been activated (such as Accounting/Time Tracking).

Apps Already Connected To...


  • This generally means that AccountLinx/SyncLinx has already been connected to the company file and may require resetting the connection.
    • Reset the connection with the QuickBooks Online configuration menu in AccountLinx/SyncLinx. The steps can be found below.

Resetting AccountLinx Connection

  • Go to Tools
  • Go to Exporter Settings
  • Go to Configure...
  • Click Reset QuickBooks Online Connection.


Resetting SyncLinx Connection

  • Go to Tools
  • Go to QuickBooks Online Settings...
  • Click Reset


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